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Electronic Design Consulting

SAI provides a full range of audio electronics consulting services. We design audio circuits for high-value applications, whether low-noise op amps or vacuum tube guitar amps. We can perform audio circuit simulations, then create, build and evaluate new circuit concepts.

We have design experience with commercial amplifier-speaker-enclosure systems, and with musical instrument amplifiers and guitar effects.

Using DSP? Our audio consulting services include developing and organizing processing blocks for your graphical interfaces.

Stroud Audio provides audio circuits training for customers worldwide. We have trained circuit designers from Mexico and Singapore, and near our home in the US Midwest.

Acoustic Consulting Services

SAI can perform a complete array of loudspeaker measurements. These include frequency response measurement, large signal parameter measurement and various and unique distortion measurements.

We can set up and manage in-room acoustics listening tests and provide expertise for your listening room design.

Stroud Audio Inc. can blend with your team with assitance and training to enhance your team's skills level and improve productivity.

Add our experience and expertise to that of your audio team and see the productive effects of this combination.

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Automotive Audio Design

Stroud Audio can perform a number of audio services for your OEM automotive needs.

Our services include car audio system design, expert listening evaluations, car sound tuning and vehicle measurement. We also offer three comprehensive training classes covering car audio system design, listener training, and the hands-on vehicle tuning of three levels of the vehicle's sound systems.

Stroud Audio Inc. has tuned premium automotive sound systems to very high performance levels and has performed hands-free cell phone evaluations.

These services can typically be provided on your site. We will assist you in setting up suitable listening rooms for training, and vehicle setups for vehicle tuning exercises.